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Flags and masts are poles apart

Glasgow’s West End residents are up in arms about proposals to erect a phone mast on one of their listed buildings in a conservation area. A pre-planning application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council for an 18-foot ‘flagpole’ on top of the Viper nightclub, which would conceal four phone masts. Flags would be periodically hoisted to disguise the true purpose of the mast, which would be erected by Cornerstone and used by the O2 and Vodafone mobile phone networks. But locals are saying the masts would ‘ruin an architectural treasure’ and cause health risks.Viper Flagpole

Cornerstone spokesman, Rob Matthews, said, “There is an increased demand for data services in the West End. After an extensive search, we concluded that the most appropriate place to site a mast is on the roof of the Viper. There are very few options that meet our coverage demands, while ensuring our site blends in with the surroundings. There is no convincing evidence that RF field exposures below guideline levels cause health effects in adults or children.”

While they wait for the mast proposals to move to the planning stage, perhaps Glaswegians should be more concerned by the adverse health effects of the loud music inside the building, rather than health issues outside. There’ll always be something to complain about.

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