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Football fans get fanatical over flags

It’s not unusual to see football fans enthusiastically hoisting their team’s flag on match days and, yes, some of them do want to adorn their bedroom windows with them as well. But for one Yorkshire couple, they’ve gone a stage further – by erecting a flagpole in their front garden – to show the world that they support Leeds United.

Recently though, it seems to have become a bit of a passion for flags in general. They have now accumulated a collection of more than 70, recognising a range of nations and events around the world. At their house in Burnby Dun, over the last few months alone, Martin and Sharon Baker have hoisted flags to mark the Olympics, Yorkshire Day, Gay Pride and the Armed Forces, as well as the Union Flag for the Jubilee celebrations.

Martin said, “There is hardly a day goes past without someone getting in touch to ask about the flag we’ve got outside. We get letters just addressed to ‘The Flagman’ and people knocking on the door asking us to put flags up or asking us why we’ve got something flying. It really is amazing how it has taken off.”

We’ve come up with a new word for people like Martin and Sharon: ‘flagnatics’ – people who are fanatical about flags. We just hope though, that they never decide to fly all of their 70 flags at the same time. That would get the neighbours talking.

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