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Kings Cross Station Gets New Flags and High Tech Flagpoles

The £550 million pound redevelopment of Kings Cross Station is absolutely stunning. The redevelopment has helped to attract £2.2bn of private investment into a previously largely derelict and disused 67 acre site, which will include 2,000 new homes.

They have transformed the ageing station into a modern and vibrant terminal ready and suitable for the 21st century. Part of the development was the replacement of their old Glassfibre flagpoles on top of the twin towers of the main station Façade and Flagmakers are proud to have been instrumental in providing their new flags and flagpole.

The Old Glassfibre poles were at least 40 years old and were very much at the end of their safe life. They were almost impossible to service as the towers are only 4m square but with the poles being 8m long, it made it very difficult to lower in case of an issue with either the finial rope or flag. Considering the limited space available, Flagmakers were asked to find a modern technical solution that would enable the flagpoles to be maintained and serviced for many years to come.

Flagmakers Senior Engineer designed and specified two counterbalanced poles together with bespoke tabernacles which were adjustable to allow the angle of fall to be precisely set when on site.

Working directly for Main Contractors J Murphy & Sons Ltd under the instruction of Senior Quality Surveyor Gerry Quinn the old Glassfibre poles were removed in advance to allow a visit to the site viewing platform by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Lifted by crane under the supervision of our site team, the New Poles were 8m Architectural one piece aluminium flagpoles with bespoke tabernacles and counter balance mechanism. The video on the right shows how this operation works effortlessly.

Once installed the poles were demonstrated and perfectly counterbalanced to allow very safe lowering, and angled to bring the tip of the pole over the roof top walkway giving safe servicing in case the halyard or finial ever need attention.

The flagpoles were designed to fly 4yd National flags and Flagmakers were delight to supply hand-sewn Union, St George & English Standard flags to adorn the new high tech flagpoles.

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