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Patriotic Aussie stays attached to his flag

There are some very rare trees around the world. In Australia there’s the Bunya Bunya pine tree for instance, which is reputed to release pine cones the size of a human head. We’ve come across an even rarer specimen – the Flagpole Tree. It stands in the front garden of Kevin Lynch’s house in the Sydney suburb of Narrabee.

Kevin is a boilermaker and has spent some 11 years working around the world, while maintaining a base in the UK. During all that time he has patriotically carried his Union flag with him, wherever his job took him. But this month he returned ‘home’ for Australia Day. Of course he wanted to display his loyalty and needed a prominent site to fly his well-travelled flag. So he decided to shin up his pine tree and hoisted the flag at the top – tens of metres above the ground.

He proudly announced; “This flag has been around the world with me, so I thought it would be good to have there.” But he found the task more difficult than he anticipated, and wished that he could have enlisted another pair of hands. “I was trying to attach the flagpole to the tree,” he said. “I had to let go of the tree with both hands and wedge myself into the tree. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s a good view from up there.”

The 37-year-old explained that it was a daunting task, but his achievement had left him with immense satisfaction. It’s a good job he had a head for heights.

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