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Perfect Flag Protocol

School-FlagsWe would like to send a little well done the Retford Oaks Academy in Nottinghamshire. The school not only has 5 beautifully maintained flagpoles outside they are also flying the flags to the correct protocols.

Easy though this may seem, it is often not followed correctly. The key here is that the order of the flags with the Union Jack taking pride of place in the central and highest flying position.

With the Union Jack taking centre stage it then becomes slightly more difficult to know what comes next. We would expect to the St George, the St Andrews followed by the Welsh Dragon national flag in this case the Northern Ireland flag also follows. Usually after all the national flags the precedence moves into Ensigns and County flags which were not required in this case.

Retford Oaks’ flags were particularly impressive as they’re flags where immaculately clean and flying proudly in front of the academies main entrance. As a top tip with the Union Jack remember the broader diagonal white stripe should be at the top left hand side (nearest the flagpole).

The flagpoles pictured are either 8m or 10m height, with the Union Jack flown from the 10m flagpole. Overall, a job well done by the school and a great example of how striking flags can look when flown and presented correctly.

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