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Runnymede Joins Magna Carta 800 Celebrations

The 15th June 2015 commemorated 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta. There seemed no better way to acknowledge this than a celebration at the original signing site, Runnymede. The 80 hand sewn flags we had manufactured were transported to the event and flown on the day of the commemorations.

The signing of the document was dubbed the foundation of liberty. Such a significant event in the foundations of modern parliament has resulted in multiple events taking place as part of the Parliament in the Making campaign for 2015.

One of the Parliament in the Making projects has been the Flag Project. A Project we have been wonderfully proud to be involved in. Contemporary artist Jonathan Parsons invited 7-11 year olds to learn the rules of flag design. The aim of the flags was to represent the school and the community. More than 450 schools entered the competition with more than 500 entries been available to view in an online design gallery.

The 500 designs became just 80, a panel of MPs and specialists selected their favourite 80 flag designs. These then went into a digital artwork process ahead of sewn manufacture. The finished sewn flags visited Parliament Square from the 18th-22nd May which was the week the new parliament met following the 2015 general election.

All 80 of the flags were then transported to Runnymede as the final part of the flag project. The flags provided a vibrant splash of colour at the event and it was another opportunity for some of the designers to get up close and personal with their flag. The event, attended by the Queen, was a resounding success. The Flag Project and others currently been undertaken by Parliament are really raising awareness of the significance of parliament in modern life. In particular proving a wonderful opportunity for children to get involved in Parliament at an early age.

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