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Scaling the Heights

Our flagpole engineer Dave Parsons came to the rescue when St Mary’s church Putney had a sticky problem with their flagpole.  St Mary’s church sits right by the ThameFlags at Putney Bridge, and has a flagpole on top of the tower. There has been a church on the site since at least the 13th century and it has been a landmark for those crossing the Thames or travelling down the river.  Church warden, Micheal Bull has always been proud of flying the St George flag but disaster struck when the rope came of the pulley at the top of the pole and stuck.  Initial searches for a solution proved prohibitive because most of the companies contacted said they would have to bring in a very large access platform at the cost of over £1000.00 and the road adjacent would have to be closed for a period.

However we’d like to think it was devine intervention when the church wardens Googled us and we went to have a look.  Dave is trained in roped and specialist access and having made all the necessary safety checks he climbed to the top of the pole.  Apart from the climbing and safety equipment we were able to complete the repair without any other specialist access equipment being required and within 20 minutes of arriving at the church tower.

We’re delighted that the church is now able to proudly fly their flag again and that their flagpole is back in working order

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