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Special school seeks extra special donations

It’s quite an achievement for any school to gain the accolade of Eco School status, but when it’s a special needs school that wins it, it could be thought of as even more praiseworthy. Teaching assistant, Kevin Wilson, of Sandside Lodge School in Ulverston, certainly thinks so. He’s so proud of the hard work that all the kids have done, that he’s put out a general appeal to local businesses to sponsor a flagpole to be installed at the school so that they can proudly fly a Green Flag.

He said, “We were assessed a couple of weeks ago and came away with flying colours.” He explained to the local press that the school had already won a Green Flag that is displayed inside the school building, but he wants to go one better by erecting a flag outside, to signify the children’s efforts more publicly.

The school is pleased with its record for producing less waste and more recycling in order to reduce their overall energy consumption. So, not wishing to miss an opportunity, Mr Wilson quietly slipped in another plea: “We are also in the market for any solar panels or wind turbines if anyone wants to sponsor us.” Sound like our Kevin is a great ambassador for the school. Perhaps he should raise his own expectations and get his job title changed from ‘Teaching Assistant’ to ‘Sponsorship Director’.

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