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Tallest Flagpole Record Broken With Help From Burnley Man

The world record for the world’s tallest flagpole has been broken, and a man from Burnley has played a vital part in achieving the record.

Marketing and sales director of monumental flagpole company Trident Support, Warren Felters has been to Dunshabe, the capital of Tajikistan, a Central Asian country where the flagpole that broke the world record was erected.

Warren, who runs Trident Support with colleague David Chambers, is no stranger to being involved with creating some of the world’s tallest flagpoles. This latest installation at Dunshabe is 165 metres high, which beats the 162 metres of their previous world record holder in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

Former Barden High School pupil Warren said that as flagpoles were held in such high esteem and symbols of national independence in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, the tallest flagpoles were generating a huge amount of interest.

“These massive flagpoles are very popular,” Warren said. “I think they see them as patriotic symbols. Each country is always trying to get one over on the other about who has the highest flagpole.”

Although his company does specialise in very tall flagpoles, Warren pointed out that record breaking installations only make up a part of his business. The company are currently working on a 70 metre flagpole in readiness for Abu Dhabi’s national day celebrations in December.

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