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Vantage flagpoles, what to look for when choosing your pole.

FlagpolesWhen we look at all the types and variants of flagpoles we offer there are over 1000 combinations of pole, height, base and rigging available so it’s not surprising that it can be a bit of a minefield working out which one is right for you. In this article I’m going to look at the Vantage flagpole range and particularly the wall mount types.

The Vantage Range is one of our longest standing products (no pun intended). They are sectional Aluminium poles. The main reason that Flagpoles are made in sections is because of the difficulties in transporting long lengths economically. However we can turn this to our advantage because it enables us to make poles which taper in steps from the base to the tip, giving a more delicate appearance and emulating the style of traditional wooden or modern glassfibre poles but without the complications of delivering large single piece poles. Aluminium is an ideal material for flagpoles because of its excellent strength to weight ratio. The diameter varies depending on the height of pole but all are made from circular aluminium tube, they are anodised and then powder coated making them virtually maintenance free. The 4m & 5m are 60mm from base to tip, 6m & 8m are 75mm diameter at the base and 60mm at the top. The largest 10m poles are in 3 sections, 95mm at the base, 75mm in the middle and 60mm top.

The other dimension of a flagpole which is much less easy to see or appreciate when choosing is the thickness of the wall of the tube. This is inherently what makes up the strength of the pole and it is a common way that competitors and importers cut corners to make their products cheaper, but appear to be comparable. Our 60mm and 75mm poles are 3mm wall thickness and the 95mm diameter poles are 5mm wall thickness. Budget products can have wall thickness as thin as 1.5mm, so there can be as much as 50% less material in a budget product than a premium quality one. This difference is impossible to appreciate when simply looking at a photo of the product, or even the real thing but in simple terms it means that a thinner pole is a weaker pole and it could fail more easily if overloaded with a large flag size or high winds.

FlagpolesThe Vantage range is available with options for either ground sockets, or wall mount brackets which can be vertical or angled. All heights can be mounted in vertical brackets and poles up to 6m can be mounted in angled brackets, beyond this length the potential leverage generated by the pole and flag creates loading issues on the brackets which would require them to be very heavily engineered.

We’ve just completed a great job at York Racecourse for our client Jigsaw Marketing using this product. The brief was to install poles to the rear wall of a stable area on the edges of the parade ring. The poles are sized to enable the flags to be visible over the apex of the building bringing extra colour and movement. We used 6m poles which are in 2 sections, these are mounted in a pair of steel vertical brackets. The intention in this particular case is that the poles are designed to be removable and can be lifted and lowered on non-race days.

The effect is a very rapid transformation of an otherwise rather drab corner of the race course. The flags are rapidly rigged and visitors will now be greeted with a rather splendid display of national flags representing the nationality of the many owners and trainers who’s horses race at this prestigious course.

If you’d like a wall mounted Vantage flagpole to grace your premises take a look now at our product ranges here Vantage flagpoles.

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