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Winter Flagpole Maintenance from Flagmakers

As the temperature plummets it’s perhaps not the time that you’d be rushing outside to check you flagpole is ready for use. But it’s the ideal time to get your flagpole serviced for the year ahead. Traditionally many people leave their flagpole bare i.e. without a flag on it, through the months of winter. The shorter daylight hours, and the chance of bad weather which might damage the flag means that many choose to keep their flag in store until the weather improves. Although a flagpole may seem like a very simple piece of engineering there are a number of important checks that you should make to ensure that your pole is safe and usable.

Most important is that it is secure. Whether wall or ground mounted, the foundations and anchor bolts must be inspected periodically. The constant action of the wind and weather on the pole causes it to flex and move, this force is transmitted down to the anchor points and if they start to loosen over time it will set up a progressive worsening of the fixings. Next thing to check is that the flag can be easily attached and hoisted. The Halyard – or rope can wear over time as it rubs through the fitting at the top of the pole. If it gets to the point of failure then the halyard will come to the ground and there is then no choice but to lower the pole, often a more complex job than simply checking an replacing early.

It’s also worth having your flagpole cleaned, remember the reason it was originally installed was to proudly display your national or company flag. It’s kind of letting the side down if the pole if you don’t keep it clean, just the same as never bothering to wash your car.

This may all sound like a bit of a sales pitch, which if we’re honest it is. At Flagmakers we offer a complete end to end service, both making the flag and ensuring you are able to display it properly. There are a lot of flagpoles out there that with minimal expense and a little TLC could be brought back into service. Once we’ve serviced a pole you can rest assured that it will keep your flag flying for several more years.

To find out more contact the Flagmakers team, we’d be delighted to make sure your pole is ready fly the flag again as we head into 2013

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