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BREXIT – Does it Vote Impact Any Flags?

barcodeAs far as we can see no! The Union Jack will remain just that whether the decision is in or out on the big day. The more interesting one could have been the flag of the EU, which at this stage we believe would be unaffected also.

The European flag as we all know is the signature gold stars on a blue field. The fact that the flag only displays 12 stars is why we think it is unlikely to be impacted by an out vote. If the stars symbolised individual member states as in other flags then understandably the flag would need to be changed.

Simple really – so need to panic buy new flags or bunting for after the vote!

Things could have been very different in 2002 a new flag was proposed which would have featured a coloured line in a representing each member of the European Unit. The idea was great, a colour representing each nation. However, the design soon got labelled the “barcode”. The “barcode” for that reason began to be looked upon unfavourably and was never officially adopted.

As a flagmaker we were secretly a little pleased the “barcode” was dropped… can you imagine trying to make that into a hand sewn flag!? Had the “barcode” have been adopted we assume the British stripe would have been removed following an exit vote.

We wouldn’t like to try and sway anyone’s vote – there are too many people trying to do that already! All that we would say here at Flagmakers is we will continue to trade as normally as possible, regardless of the result. We are also sure that we are not alone in been a little concerned that whatever comes of the vote things will change.

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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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