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British Designer features in New Zealand Top 40 Flags

The story of one British designer whose entry into the New Zealand flag competition has made the top 40 designs. The lucky Brit is Mike Archer, a digital designer from Guernsey, entered 2 designs into the New Zealand Flag Consideration Project.

The submitted designs are known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. The ocean blue variation was inspired by the view where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean.

Mr Archer may have managed to travel more of the New Zealand landscape than many native people, having visited the area 3 times. It has become particularly close to Mike’s heart as his last trip in 2005 saw the beginnings of his digital design career, studying the course in Auckland.

Mike commented: “I love New Zealand people, and the landscape”, adding “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to give something back… it’s a fantastic project to be involved with.” With regards to his submitted designs.

Mr Archer explains the inspiration behind his classic blue field flag. Silver fern is represented by the white on the flag, the Pacific Ocean is represented by the deep blue. The Southern Cross, the stars or anchor that guided Maori and early European Voyagers to New Zealand. Finally, the Pacific Ring of Fire is represented by the red, which has been placed on approximately on the same angle as the Ring of Fire passes through New Zealand.

The two designs had both become very significant to Mr Archer and he had great difficulty in selecting a favourite.  “If I had to choose one… I would probably say the Traditional Blue version, as I feel it ticks the box of being unique to New Zealand and is also extremely sensitive and respects the current flag and everything that goes with it.”

Four of the 40 designs are due to be shortlisted in September with a final choice made by referendum. Another referendum will be held to decide between the chosen design and the current flag.


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