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Commonwealth Games organisers uncertain over flagpole tender

The Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games emblem

It has been revealed that the flying of national flags at next month’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi is at risk because the tender for providing the flagpoles has still not been determined.

No company has yet been commissioned to install and maintain the flagpoles, the organisers of the Games admitted.

The actual number of poles required to fly the national flags of participating teams will vary according to the discipline, with more needed for events such as athletics and less at the lawn bowls, for example.

The Delhi games have been marred with delayed building work, dengue fever, allegations of corruption and increased terrorist threats, so this is yet another setback for the Games.

The national flags themselves have already been completed and are at the venus awaiting the flagpoles. The lack of flagpoles means the rehearsals and preparations for the medical ceremonies, during which the winning country’s flag is hoisted over the venue, have been postponed.

It was also revealed that the flagpoles aren’t the only items subject to late tender, however. Contracts for the music and video equipment for the Games were only opened to bidding on Saturday, despite the time required to set up at each venue for the opening ceremony.

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