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Compromise on Scottish flag at Edinburgh Castle considered by MSPs

The Union Jack sat atop Edinburgh Castle

An end to the controversy over the flying of flags above Edinburgh Castle could soon be in sight as Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) are considering a proposal lodged by Nationalist MSPs at Holyrood calling for the Scottish national flag, the Saltire, to replace the Union Jack as the flag flying permanently over the castle’s famous David’s Tower.

Although rejected outright by the army, who has a base at the castle, the petition has been lodged with the Scottish Parliament’s petition committee that proposes installing another flagpole from which the Saltire can be permanently flown.

The Saltire Scotland campaign group representative Mark Hirst lodged the proposal which would see a 90-foot pole placed in the castle’s Crown Square. Gaining the support of many Nationalist MSPs, the plan would mean that the Saltire is the highest flown flag at the fortress.

Anne McLaughlin, one of the Nationalist MSPs, said:

“The petitioner has put forward a compromise suggestion that would allow that flag to continue to be flown – whilst we’re still part of Britain – but ensures that Scotland’s flag is flown from the highest point on the castle. I would support the petition.”

The committee will write to the Scottish Government, which owns the castle and to Historic Scotland, which maintains the castle on its behalf. The committee will also seek the views of the Ministry of Defence.

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