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Eton schoolboys want to be top of the class

A group of boys from the esteemed public school of Eton have set off for a 4,600 mile trip to Mount Everest with the intention of flying the Olympic flag from the top of the mountain.Olympic Flag

The boys, the youngest of whom is only thirteen, will be greeted in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu by the Britsh ambassador, before they embark on their mammoth trek to the Everest base camp. The flag will then be handed to a sherpa who will carry it to the summit – something he should achieve as he’s completed the challenge 19 times before.

It was all the idea of housemistress, Serena Brocklebank, who was vice consul in Nepal for three years. She was the ideal choice as expedition leader and agreed to help the boys achieve their ambition of climbing Everest. When they heard that the British embassy in Nepal wanted to take an Olympic flag to the top of the mountain, they decided to combine the two ideas.

13-year-old Magnus Burgess-Smith said of the mission, “It’s not really that daunting being the youngest, but I’ve not done anything like this before. I’ve been training hard running and doing sport at school. It’ll be quite an experience.” He added, “I can’t wait to get back and when people ask me what I did over Easter I’ll be able to say, ‘I went to Everest’.”

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