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Falkland Island Union Flags

Falkland Island Union Flag

Flagmaker’s spotted in the Falkland Islands! We are proud to be manufacturers of the Falkland Island Union Flags. Photographed just this week in horrid weather conditions, only to be expected in the middle of November on the Falklands.

Flying any flag in these conditions requires additional checks and precautions by the user to ensure safety, but also requires an incredibly hardwearing and durable flag. Temperatures can reach -5oC with strong and regular westerly gusts, even including snow. Hence our Falkland Island Union Flags are tested to the maximum, flag survival in the Falkland Island makes us certain of the quality and strength in our flags.

The image shows a flagpole requiring some treatment due to the severity of the conditions, with maintenance work been challenging to complete. The life expectancy of both items is likely to be heavily reduced, however for Flagmaker’s the Falkland’s can be viewed as a challenge to really test our products to the maximum.

Our Union Flags are generally manufactured from a 155gsm woven fabric which provides quality and durability. Each flag is stitched with a double sewn hem and finished with a headband, rope and toggle. This design is targeted towards an easy flag install to any standard flagpole – something which proves significant when the install is in freezing temperatures and gale force winds.

Falkland Islands News

The Falklands again finds itself making the news as Argentina reassesses its push for sovereignty. Having newly appointed Mr Filmas as Secretary of State for Falkland Affairs to reinvigorate the Argentine goal. Something which Mr Cameron is stated is not up for discussion. However, Filmas is on a mission having spent the last week in London at various events promoting “Malvinas Matters” a selections of texts supporting the Argentine claims to the islands.

The future again looks slightly insecure on the Falkland Islands, we are however hopeful Flagmakers Union Flag will continue to fly for the foreseeable future.

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