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Fiji Follows in New Zealand Footsteps

FijiThe planned change to the New Zealand flag is moving forward rapidly now. This is creating plenty of drama among the media, so much so not everyone has spotted Fiji are plotting to do the same!

Similarly to New Zealand, the change of the flag partly about removing the Union Jack from the flag. The Union Jack seems to have become a symbol of historical connections to the British Empire. It seems a shame that these nations now feel the British Empire now has no significant influence on their history.

Opposed to the above view, Fiji is a totally independent nation. This independence is potentially not reflected in a flag which is still branded with a symbol of the British Empire. The Fijian Prime Minister is particularly keen to get this project moving. Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, would like to have a new flag in place ahead of Fiji’s 45th anniversary of independence. This seems a wonderful gesture and a great mark of the Independence Day, however the date is less than 2 months away, in October. It seems a big project to have selected and implemented a design is such a short time period. Particularly when a flag can prove so significant to a country, it’s not something which should be rushed.

If anyone can successfully meet this goal Mr Bainimarama can! Having already removed the Queen’s head for the Fijian currency when previously ruling the country by military decree. The Fijian flag is a different case to New Zealand in that there are other quintessentially British symbols on the flag, as well as the Union. These symbols include: the St George Cross and a British Lion, with a dove of peace and palm tree been the only current Fijian influence. Considering all the factors I believe we may see changes to quite a few of the Union Ensign type flags, with whispers also been heard about Australia wanting a change. I think the country should firstly consider its heritage and assess how much the Union has meant over time before making any decisions.

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