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Flag parade to mark move of Aberdeen international school

International School of Aberdeen

A Scottish international school is to mark its move to a brand new campus with a parade of the flags of all the nations represented at the school.

The 350 students of the International School of Aberdeen will take part in an Olympic-style parade, where they will follow 38 different national flags whilst wearing their national dress or colours.

Each grade of the school has studied the language, culture and art of each country in order to take part in the parade, and local parents of pupils have prepared dishes from their countries which will be served in the cafeteria as well as on the street that will run through the new school building.

Dr Dan Hovde, the school’s director, said:

“The aim of our annual International Flag Parade is to celebrate the cultural diversity of our school here in Aberdeen and to act as a reward for our pupils’ hard work. Because the International School of Aberdeen developed from the American School, there is often the presumption that it is only American children who attend the school. This event helps to dispel that perception. In reality, we are like a mini United Nations!”

The parade will be sled by Scottish pupils from the school carrying the Saltire.

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