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Flag Standards on Parade

Flagmakers are very proud to have provided a beautiful new standard for the Dorset Women’s Section. We would like to thank our wonderful client Diane Cooling for working with us in helping her to become the first female standard bearer associated with the branch.

We send our congratulations to Ms Cooling on this great achievement, she is setting a wonderful example to other ladies wanting to become an official standard bearer. The flags and accessories used by the women’s branches are generally the same as those used by the male standard bearers, if not a little smaller. Having been lucky enough to take these beautifully sewn flags to exhibitions and events, I know that they can be quite heavy and challenging to carry.

Diane very kindly sent us some pictures from her first day on parade. A lovely bright summer’s day in Weymouth was to provide the perfect backdrop for the standard parade, as well as a great opportunity for a well-earned ice cream afterwards!

Ms Cooling commented “Thank you for your prompt delivery of goodies, much appreciated by me and Marie, the lady to the left of the parade marshal”. We were pleased to be able to provide these two lovely ladies with their new parade “goodies” it’s not often we get the opportunity to supply a complete new set of parade equipment.

Here at Flagmakers we would like to send our best wishes to Diane and her friend, hopefully we might get the opportunity to meet you at next year’s annual Royal British Legion Conference. Carry on flying the flag for the Royal British Legion and inspire some more ladies to get involved in parading for the Women’s Section.

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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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