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Flagmakers at its Highest

flagmakers-climbFlagmakers recently manufactured a Royal Engineers Flag for an event which saw it climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The Royal Engineers division provides military engineering and technical support to the British Armed Forces.

The challenge for this division of the British Army was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Which is some challenge considering the top stands 5895 metres above sea level. The mountain is one of the lesser known peaks but still proves a tough challenge even for hardened climbers.

Mount Kilimanjaro is actually a dormant volcano in Tanzania which is the highest mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro was famously climbed by celebrities in a comic relief challenge in 2009 raising thousands for local charities in the UK. Don’t let that make you think it’s easy. Kilimanjaro is a tough climb even for seasoned climbers and wasn’t scaled until 1889 by a Hans Meyer.

We were pleased to report the climb went without a hitch and all safely returned to ground level (including the flag). The flag itself is a combination of all things Royal Engineers! The Forces badge takes centre stage printed or delicately sewn into the centre of the flag.

Cleverly the flags field (background) is in the same design and colours as the division’s tactical recognition flash (TRF). For those of us who aren’t great on military knowledge (me included) the TRF is the colour patch worn on the arm of combat clothing to help quickly distinguish between regiments.

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