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Flagmakers Gearing up for the Final Olympic Push

2012 has proven an amazing year to be a flag Manufacturer.  We’d barely had a chance to draw breath following the Jubilee then the Euro 2012 Championships started.  Of course we’re rooting for England and it seems a lot of supporters out there feel the same way too.  Online we’re offering a choice of 5 different Euro 2012 designs with the option to have personalised England flags printed to order.St George

We’ve seen a significant trend in companies and organisations who want to use the summer’s big events to link with their marketing. The title sponsors have the official marketing rights but creative advertisers are using the big events to their advantage with cleverly themed promotions that allude to the events without formally linking to them.  Here at Flagmakers HQ we’ve seen demand for feather flags shoot up as people seek visibility for their campaigns and also strong demand for printed Banners and textiles.

The Staff are working flat out to get everything out on time but we’re confident we’ll be ready for the opening of the games.

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