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Flagmakers produces Union Flag for The Hinds Head restaurant

hinds-head-smallFlagmakers are proud to announce that we have just installed two new Union Flags on one of Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin-starred restaurants, The Hinds Head.

Based in Bray, the Hinds Head is just a stone’s throw away from Blumenthal’s world-famous restaurant The Fat Duck, yet the Hinds Head has also been accredited with a Michelin star for it’s high-quality food from head chef Kevin Love.

We were approached by The Hinds Head to replace the ageing Union Flag above their Tudor-age building. The old Union Flag was worn and frayed and was a clear example of what happens when a flag is left up in all weather without being periodically cleaned.

As well as providing the new replacement flags, we also provided our “How to Buy, Care For and Maintain Your Flag” guide, advice on how to look after their flag, and an offer to wash the new flag periodically to keep it look good for even longer.

We look forward to heading on down to Bray to try out The Hinds Head amazing food and see the new flags in action!

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