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Flagmakers Create Flags for Magna Carta Celebrations

Flagmakers were selected to be the supplier of 80 flags, which make up the flag project. The flag project is about raising awareness of democracy among school children. This is particularly significant ahead of the celebrations of 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, which could be described as the very early beginnings of modern parliament.

This flag project for parliament has been a really interesting and exciting project for us to be involved in. Far from the Union Jack Flags that leave our sewing room most days, these bespoke designs have been a labour of love for the graphics team. The selected children’s artwork arrived at Flagmakers ready for the flag production to begin.

The drawings are low resolution once put onto the computer. This results in a need for the designs to be redrawn to create print ready flags designs. Flagmakers began by using the children’s designs almost like a template, redrawing their flags in design software programs Illustrator, followed by final retouching with the help of Photoshop. This process has really brought the children’s ideas to life. The images also required varying degrees of alterations to offer better symmetry and colour that would be expect from a flag design. Flagmakers team took particular care to ensure the original essence and spirit of the design was not compromised.

Ensuring size and proportions are perfect we go ahead and print on our high quality printing and colour fixing and drying machinery. These processes ensure long lasting vivid colours. Once printed each flag enters the finishing process. All the flags would have been hand sewn together and then double seams used to ensure longevity. Finally all of the flags are fitted with a rope and toggle system, which mounts them to the flagpole to fly (if you’d like to watch how we manufacture our sewn flags click here).

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Jonathan Bramah

Jonathan acquired Flagmakers in 2009 and has overseen its successful transition from a traditional flag maker to the diverse and vibrant business that it is today.

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