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Flying out aid under the British flag

We’re becoming more and more patriotic in this historic year of 2012. Nearly doing well in the football. The Queen taking to the Thames for her special day. Anticipation of success at the London Olympics. The latest organisation to jump on the bandwagon is the Department for International Development. They believe that the UK should take more credit for desptaching items of overseas aid such as emergency grain packets, building materials and water pumps.

british flag

There is an existing logo for these packages, but it doesn’t specifically identify the materials as coming from the UK. It simply states that the assignments are ‘Aid from the Department for International Development’. They have now decided to ‘brand’ future donations with a new UK aid logo that features the Union Jack.

International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, said of the move: “For too long, Britain has not received the credit it deserves for the amazing results we achieve in tackling global poverty. Some in the development community have been reluctant to ‘badge’ our aid with the Union flag.” He further explained: “I believe it is important that aid funded by the British people should be easily and clearly identified as coming from the UK. British aid is achieving results of which everyone can be proud. And I am determined that, from now on, Britain will not shy away from celebrating and taking credit for it.”

The new look will help to drive home the message that Britain deserves credit for things like vaccinating millions of children and getting millions more into schools over the past two years.

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