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Queen’s Elizabeth II Sapphire Jubilee

We were recently sent some fabulous pictures from one of our favourite customers in California, USA who was proud to fly the Union flag as well as the Royal Standard for our very own Queen’s Saphire Jubilee. I found it hard to match this gentleman’s enthusiasm for this momentous occasion within the UK, let alone another country, so it was extremely refreshing to see.

Royal Standard flag
Royal Standard flag
Union Jacks
House decorated with Union flags

We really enjoy working alongside this customer as he has a truly remarkable passion for flags and history and is always ordering flags of Nations that we have usually never heard of let alone manufactured before. He has a strong attention to detail and always has a very precise design request, so we always need to be on top form when manufacturing them.

Therefore, this is one of my favourite entries, purely because it shows that you don’t have to be living in a  Country to be a part of its traditions. My hat off to you Sir,  you have made us very proud to serve you.

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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