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Stunning Hand-Painted Flags – more popular than ever.

Recently, we’ve taken pride in producing some striking hand-painted flags for a wide variety of customers and note that these are becoming increasingly popular. Most are based on traditional, historical designs or patterns, often including animals or shields and take on a heraldic appearance. The very nature of these flags is that they are always unique, with no two the same and each itself a piece of art.

The design of a hand-painted flag is supplied in its original form and then a flag created from this by our in-house artisan, usually from a family crest, a coat of arms or similar motif. The designs which she creates are then reviewed and approved by the customer before painting begins. The skill is in the adaptation of this design into a flag form. If reproducing the arms or crest of a registered British design, we request a copy of this from London’s College of Arms before we begin, ensuring an accurate and faithful copy.

The flag design is then printed as a full size working drawing which our artisan then copies directly onto the flag cloth, usually a fine quality heavy polycotton, using a light box to help with the image transfer. If other materials are required to make up the design, then these are appliquéd to the fabric at this stage. For such additions, a knitted polyester material is used. Now comes the colour, applied meticulously and skilfully with a range of brushes, ensuring colours are correct and shading added where appropriate, giving the design further depth. The process takes many hours and is done entirely by hand.

The flags are finished according to their use. A flag which is to be hung in a great hall, a chapel or cathedral will be double-sided, so visible from both sides. Ornamental embellishments such as tassels or gold fringe are added at this stage. The fabric used as the field (background) of our hand-painted flags has a matt finish and a quality feel and is available in a number of colours. Fringing is also available in red, white and blue and can be supplied in a block of two colours (e.g. red & white), matching the main elements of the flag. Finally, the flag is fitted to a suitable ceremonial pole and dispatched.

If you would like your own unique flag, we’d start by discussing your ideas with you and advising on the options available, the materials, the size and type of finish. We can then either work from your basic design or take an exact copy of an original which you’d like reproduced. Only when the designs are produced and confirmed will work commence. The lead time for a hand-painted flag is usually between 8-10 weeks. Our expert painter enjoys the challenge each new request presents her and is often as delighted with the results as each of our recipients!

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