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Work in Progress – Another Striking Hand Painted Flag

Once again, our dedicated and patient artisan has been busily creating yet another stunning hand-painted flag. She tells me that this is one of the most interesting (and largest) she has ever worked on and is taking great pleasure in her work.


This particular flag has been commissioned for one of London’s livery companies, and represents symbolism which has been associated with the company throughout its 700 year history.

As always, the original design is enlarged to a full working copy from which the final flag will be painted. Needless to say, this involves absolute accuracy and intense concentration, something our artist has grown accustomed to with her many years of experience. She knows exactly where best to start and in which order the colours need to be applied. For a flag of this size, I note that the brush is rather small.

The flag is around five square metres and will probably take in excess of 50 hours to complete but already it appears to be worth every minute and the design is really taking shape. Our artisan takes real pride in her work and this is apparent as she cautiously applies each stroke to the canvas, a look of total concentration on her face.

Here are a few photos of work in progress and I hope you get a sense of the focus that’s required in order to produce such a stunning, unique work of art.

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