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Hand Sewn Flags

Two of our beautiful hand sewn flags fly proudly at London based hotel. The two flags now fly proudly above the hotels entrance on a bustling London high street. Afraid we can’t say too much but the we were very happy to supply two of our hand sewn flags. The hotel required a Malaysia and Union Jack flag to fly proudly on their previously dormant flagpoles.

Our Hand-Sewn flags are the superior quality product, making a first-class choice. Each flag is created by sewing together panels of coloured fabric to create the design you require.  We use a 155gsm Woven Polyester.  This is the most durable flag material available and is used by the MOD (Ministry of Defence) for their flags so it is a first class choice.

Each flag is finished with a sturdy headband with a toggle at the top and a cord at the bottom.  This is suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole with either an internal or external halyard (rope), Hand Sewn flags are hemmed on all sides to make them as durable as possible

These flags are ideal for many corporate or domestic situations; they will last approx. 50% longer than a Printed flag so well worth a little extra cost. Many people choose Hand Sewn flags because they appreciate the stitching detail and traditional look of these flags which is visible even when flying from a pole.

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