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Huge Crowd Surfacing Flag Created by Sunderland Fans

Loyal Sunderland Football Club supporters have unveiled an enormous flag for crowd surfing at the team’s local derby game against Newcastle last weekend.

Measuring 15 metres by 9 metres, the large red and white flag was created by the supports’ group Ha’way the Flags, which is tasked with maintaining Sunderland’s team colours in the stands at both home and away games.

Unveiled to the supporters at the Stadium of Light before the 1-1 draw against Newcastle, their arch rivals, it will not be crowd surfed until their game against Chelsea on 1st February.

The £3,000 to create the flag was raised by the supporters’ group in just a matter of weeks, after the group was only officially being created in December. A group of fans decided that not enough was being done to maintain the stadium’s use of the team colours, and so raised support and money between all the fans.

Martyn McFadden, one of the Ha’way the Flags leaders, said:

We couldn’t believe how quickly it took off but people are passionate about these things and want to get involved. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support that we’ve received. We hope it forms links between fans and the club, which I think is important and hopefully it will bring people together.

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