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Ice Maidens all set for Antarctica

Flagmakers are delighted to have supplied a flag to the all-female British team of six extremely brave women who have spent the last year preparing for Ice Maiden, a challenge which most of us could not even imagine possible. This is not ‘just’ a stroll to the South Pole, but an attempt to cross Antarctica on skis, unsupported. All the Ice Maidens are in the military and with the expedition launch a huge success they are now almost ready to go after 2 years of gruelling training expeditions in Norway, preparing themselves for what they are likely to encounter in the vast frozen wasteland of Antarctica.

In this neck of the woods, temperatures as low as -50C are not uncommon and the wind frequently exceeds 60mph, making it a rather treacherous and inhospitable environment. But preparation has been thorough and varied and for one, Sophie Montagne, even involved dragging a large tyre through the streets of central London, as this most closely replicates pulling a sledge across snow!

Only one other woman has completed the challenge, an explorer named Felicity Aston, who in 2012 crossed the continent. Like Aston, the Ice maidens will rely on just two resupply points along the route, a gruelling, daunting 1,700km. The girls hope to complete the challenge in just over ten weeks. The idea began in the adventurous mind of Major Nics Wetherill, a young Army doctor who completed an Ironman before considering a far greater challenge and after attending a talk by Mike Stroud who, with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, was the first to make the unassisted crossing, was further inspired and motivated.




The team have raised in excess of £500,000 and of the 250 women who originally applied, an initial 22 went on to participate in a ten-day course in Norway on Arctic survival training which included, amongst other things, living in snow holes and ice-breaking skills. Each month, over the past year, the team have attended training exercises on essential skills such as endurance and medical safety and the final group of 6 has been selected.

The courageous team are now ready to head south. We are confident that the Ice Maidens will succeed and will prove that women have the mental strength and physical endurance to handle all that the planet’s most hostile environment will present them. They will carry all the supplies and equipment needed to survive for up to 600km at a stretch. Most importantly of-course, they will carry with them the flag which we have supplied.

From the team at Flagmakers, may we take this opportunity to wish the Ice Maidens the very best of British luck!

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