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Israel In Near-Miss German Flag blunder

Belgium or Germany? Can you tell the difference?

Israeli diplomats narrowly avoided embarrassment last week when flying a Belgian flag on a visit from a German delegation at the Foreign Ministry buildings in Tel Aviv.

The diplomatic faux pas was spotted very shortly before the arrival of the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle by a sharp-eyed Israeli Foreign Ministry security guard.

Looking at the two flags, they share the same colours, but the structure is different. The Belgian flag that was about to be used shows red, yellow and black vertical stripes, instead of the black, red and yellow horizontal stripes used in Germany’s flag.

The security guard responsible for spotting the mistake was a former Israeli army combat soldier who had been trained to recognise many of the major ensigns used by countries, and had experience operating with Belgian and German forces in the past. Fortunately, the mistake was quickly spotted and the impending embarrassment was averted.

The diplomatic meeting between Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel and his counterpart, the German Foreign Minister Mr Westerwelle were hailed as positive and productive. It is reported that during the meeting Mr Westerwelle call that the Israeli government freeze the controversial construction of West Bank settlements, however it was stressed that relations between Israel and Germany were still strong.

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