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Kuwait aims to capture longest flag record

A school in Kuwait is hoping that a flag its students have spent a year working on will smash the record for the world’s longest ever flag.

The banner has been made by the students of Fatima Bin Quais Primary School in Kuwait City and should, when fully unfurled, have a length in excess of 2,000 metres.

The students will find out whether their record attempt has been successful when the flag is rolled out as part of a huge military parade thrown as part of the celebrations of the desert nation’s national day.

The ceremony will take place on 25 February, which will mark the 50th anniversary of the official creation of Kuwait as a nation in 1961. The following day, 26 February, also marks the 20th anniversary of the day that the nation was liberated by multinational forces from the seven-month Iraqi occupation that was the cause of the Gulf War.

Shaikha Amthal, who is President of Volunteer Work Centre – which assisted with the development of the banner, said it was due to be opened up on the island of Qarwa during the celebrations, but that after a rehearsal it was decided to do it at the military parade.

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