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Lulagala – Ugandan Primary School gets its own Flag

We do like the occasional unusual request at Flagmakers and welcome unusual and interesting flag designs. We were asked by Jan Petersen, Head Teacher of North Waltham Primary School to produce a rather special bespoke flag for a primary school in Uganda.

The flag was jointly designed by the pupils of the Ugandan school, known as Lulagala and North Waltham Primary School in Hampshire.

The two schools are linked though a charity called Mityana Projects Trust. Mityana Projects Trust is based in Hampshire and the link between the schools was begun and is maintained by the Whitchurch Deanery in Winchester and all their schools are linked with schools in Uganda.

Lulagala has around 250 pupils and a spectacular view of Lake Wamala. The teachers are grateful for relatively new accommodation onsite thanks to the support of the Clarity Foundation and much work has been done in the garden. The charity was approached once more to provide additional fencing for the school to prevent wild animals from coming in and eating the crops that the children had been growing and additional cash was needed for schoolroom floors and window shutters. North Waltham Primary School raised £480 for the school to help resurface the much-needed classroom floors in 2013.

In February this year, the new flag was taken to Lulagala in Uganda and presented to them by Jan Petersen, where it was raised for the first time in a special ceremony. All were impressed with the flag and both the teachers and their pupils were made to feel very proud to see the flag flying over their school. The Lulagala flag, along with three others will be flown on every school day.

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