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Mix-up with Texas flag unnoticed for years… until now

Texas Flag or Chilean Flag? (Hint: it's Texas)

Hundreds of ballot papers are being recalled after officials in Texas realised they had been sending them out for years with the wrong flag printed on them.

The error was raised by an absentee voter who’d had his paper sent to him while studying in Japan. Troy Knudson was the first person to notice the paper actually had the Chilean national flag printed on them, and not the state flag of Texas. He said:

“Apparently the insert has been used for some time without anyone (voters and staff) noticing,” he said. “I guess it’s funny in some way, but my initial reaction was more disbelief that no one had noticed.”

Mr Knudson was congratulated after discovering the error by authorities in Atascosa County, just south of San Antonio, “for preventing future Atascosa voters from seeing the flag mistake.”

It is somewhat understandable how the two could be confused: they both have a big white stripe on top and red one below, and have a single white star in the middle of a blue field. The difference however, is that in the Chilean flag the blue field is only in the top left corner, while the Texas flag has the blue field run all the way down the left side.

Janice Ruple, Atasocsa County elections administrator, was quoted saying:

“I don’t think it’s funny. It’s a serious thing.”

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