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Myanmar gets a new flag ahead of elections

New Myanmar Flag

The official country flag of Myanmar has been changed by the ruling military, just weeks before the totalitarian country goes into its first election for 20 years.

The new flag, along with new official name and national anthem was specified in a constitution written in 2008, however many people were surprised at the sudden change as no date had been set for the official changeover.

The new Myanmar flag contains three horizontal bands of yellow, green and red (in descending order), with a white star in the center. It has yet to be revealed what these colours represent. The country’s name has also been officially changed. What used to be called the Union of Myanmar has now been renamed to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Speaking anonymously, a government source said:

“We were caught by surprise when we got the order at short notice. There was also an order that the old flags must be burned.”

He also said the removal of the old flag came with some strange instructions: that the person to remove it had to have been born on a Tuesday, and that the person to raise the new flag had to have been born on a Wednesday. The significance of this has yet to be revealed by the party.

One dubious on-looker to the ceremony commented that the changeover was similar to that of putting an old wine into a new bottle: “The label has changed but what is really needed is a change of the wine.”

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