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National 9/11 flag travelling the USA

The tattered and torn US flag which had hung from the scaffolding of a building next to Ground Zero is on its way across the USA to be restored to its former glory.

Known as the national 9/11 flag, it was rescued several weeks after 9/11 by construction workers and placed in a plastic bag. Seven years later a foundation called “New York Says Thank You” obtained the flag and started it on a journey across America.

The flag is being taken across the USA to be restitched. Jeff Parness, director of the foundation commented: “People are still going to be looking at the hole at ground zero and all of the things that will never be made whole again but this we can make whole again.”

Americans from all across the country will stitch the flag back together. They will use fabric from local flags that have survived community disasters. The flag is currently in the state of Texas and is being patched with fabric from a flag that was flying on the day of the Fort Hood shootings in November last year.

Parness explained: “At the end of the day the flag is fabric but the real story is all of the people who are coming together…It’s about connecting us all.”

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