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Olympic Flag-making Frenzy Captivates Northampton Residents

A nationally-organised initiative, Pennants4Olympics, has taken the people of Northampton by storm.

The initiative has people making flags and pennants that will be presented to participants of the 2012 Olympic Games.

At one workshop, 40 people attended Weston Favell Library to find out which pennants were needed, and to have instruction on how they should be made.

Shirley Wiblin-Hales, the local organiser for the event, said that there had been fantastic support for the event, and that it was hoped that they would be able to create 150 flags for their part in the initiative.

“We had a good response from residents on the day with lots of them making flags and others taking templates home to start work on them,” she said. “I want to get as many flags made and get them displayed throughout town before they go to the Olympics.”

“Local designs are popular as well because it’s a bit of Northampton to give to the Olympics contestants, who may have come from all over the world.”

Each flag follows a template for size and format, but each design is as unique as the person that designed it.

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