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Olympic flag reaches Everest

According to Tony Little, headmaster of renowned Eton College, the primary aim of the school is to encourage every Etonian student to be ‘a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive young man, a well-rounded character with an independent mind’. And he also wants them to have a true sense of self worth that will be of value to society.Olympic flag

So what better way to encourage these noble virtues than to send a bunch of the boys up Everest? And, adding their bit for society, they took the London 2012 Olympic flag with them. The eight schoolboys, all from Eton, carried the flag from the Games venue on their doorstep, Eton Dorney Lake, all the way to Everest base camp. Their headmaster must be very proud of them.

And the chairman of our company is quite pleased too: “ Flagmakers have been proud to have their flags carried to all corners of the world, including every continent and both poles. We are now delighted that our reach has extended to the world’s tallest mountain. But the real reason for his pride? He continued, “As chairman of the company, this is particularly special for me because two of the party were my nephews Benedict and Magnus Burgess-Smith.”

So the secret to climbing the social and career ladder is obviously to climb a very high mountain first.

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