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Olympic Union Flags Contract Awarded to French Company

The Union Flag, seen as the iconic British symbol, is the center of controversy this week after it emerged the contract to produce these flags for the 2012 Olympics has been awarded to a French company over other British candidate companies, including ourselves.

The contentious issue has been made worse by the revelation that the company which has been awarded the contract, Doublet, advertises the Union Flag on their website in a photo which has the flag the wrong way around.

Jonathan Bramah, our Chairman, gave an interview about the trampling of British flag tradition:

Surely the honour of making national flags for the Games should go to the host nation? Flags are not just a worthless rag with no meaning. If Paris had won the Games, a British flag firm would not have stood a chance of being the official maker of the Tricolour.

Flag companies and some organisers are still feeling a bit sore over the decision to standardise the size of all flags flown in the Olympic games, meaning the Union Flag will now be a square-shape instead of the traditional rectangular-shape.

A London 2012 games spokesman said that 10% of the flags were being created by Doublet, which had planned to make the in the United Kingdom. Sebastien Delecour, of the Doublet subsidiary producing the flags said:

We may be bringing machines here to make flags. We are looking to buy a facility here in the UK.

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