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Outcry of Support Against French Company Making Union Flag for Olympics

After the report was released that the Union Flag manufacturing contract had been granted to a French company, pro-British support has erupted on various news websites and forums in favour of British companies being awarded Olympic contracts instead of their cheaper foreign counterparts.

Of special attention is the issue which kick-started the debate, the issue that the Union Flag – seen as the epitome of British-ness – will be created along with 10% of the other flags for the event by the French company Doublet.

From all corners of the Internet, from global news networks to Chinese news websites, and from London forums to underground news websites, voices are being raised in defence of the tradition that the Union Flag is always made by a company in the United Kingdom for any events held on home soil.

Capital Bay, a news agency reporting on stories across the globe, reported on the issue on Sunday after the initial story broke on the Daily Mail website.

Newsulous, another news agency with global readership based in the UK also picked up on the story, and so did Wikileaks Online News.

The news has even reached surprising distances abroad, being featured on a few Chinese news websites and forums, including one called People’s Forum.

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