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Post Referendum Analysis and the Union Jack

Scotland-Decides-CountingAll the drama has unfolded and we are a little bit relieved to say our beloved Union Flag will definitely be staying as it is for now! Following a media frenzy and a stream of radio appearances by Flagmakers. There have been many trials and tribulations and eventually the vote has not impacted our flag or others which include the union.

For now at least we won’t be needing our passports to visit picturesque Scotland. However, the Scottish devolution will continue. There is a strong focus on the UK Government delivering its promise of greater powers for the Scottish Parliament based at Holyrood, Edinburgh.

Mr Cameron commented that the referendum was a chance to change the UK “for the better” and promised to give Scotland more powers. He added a new and fair settlement had to apply to all parts of the UK. Continuing to offer a promise to resolve the issue of allowing Scottish MP’s to vote on English issues. A solution in this area is supported by 62% of English people according to a BBC poll. The aim only English MP’s vote on English only matters, aligned with Scotland’s new powers.

We had always quietly believed our Union Flag would not be lost as the flag is the flag of the Monarchy and assuming the Queen would still rule in Scotland based on either decision the flag would not be lost. We will find out more when the Queen issues a written statement on this afternoon.

We are more than happy to see the Union continuing to fly proudly, however the referendum has certainly caused a stir and we have to ask whether there might be further storms ahead. For the immediate future at least our Union is safe, which in turn protects our prestigious Union Jack Flag!

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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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