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Proud to Supply RAF 100 Ensign to the Falcons Parachute Display Team

Flagmakers are privileged to supply flags to some very important organisations and in their 1ooth year, we regard our association with the RAF as a rather prestigious one.


We recently made and supplied the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team with a 4 yard hand sewn Union flag and a special commemorative 4 yard hand sewn RAF 100 Ensign.

The RAF 100 ensign can be seen in the image below, unfurled during a jump at the RAF Cosford Air Show in June of this year. This is the RAF’s only official air show and one of the UK’s biggest annual aviation events, attended by thousands. In the image you can see the blue ELS container on the chest of the lead parachutist, from which the ensign was deployed.

The Falcons opened the Cosford show with an impressive display, jumping from Dornier 228 aircraft at 9000 feet; a spectacle witnessed by the enthralled crowds below. The Display team are very proud to be part of the RAF’s 100th birthday celebrations, as are we to have supplied the flags used at the event.

The Falcons will be displaying throughout the country this summer as part of the RAF 100 celebrations and so have a busy schedule. We wish them well for the season and thank them for coming to Flagmakers for their RAF 100 Ensign.


Read more about the Falcons here:

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