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Replacement flag delights Ickenham Cricket Club

Flagmakers are often called upon to repair flags but wherever a flag really has been through the wars and looks a sorry state due to being left out in all weathers, we recommend a replacement.

The Ickenham Cricket Club have done just that, as their flag was looking a little sorry for itself.

It is clear that the flying edge has worn the most, with damage to all sides of the flag and colour loss.

The flag was completely re-made using colours which more closely matched the original club colours and (most importantly) the colours of the club tie. Made from individual panels and then sewn together, the lettering appliqued to the flag by hand and a headband added with rope and toggle ready to fly.

The club asked if we could add the year in which they were established, which was also sewn on beneath the club’s initials.

The club are so pleased with the flag that they may consider a second which they can keep as a spare. We would recommend this as best practice, especially where a flag is out all the time throughout the year, exposed to the elements. When a flag requires a good wash and some attention or repair, it can be taken down and the second flag hoisted in its place. This cycle can then be repeated as required throughout the year.

We thank the ICC for coming to us for their flag replacement and glad that they are so pleased with what we agree is a fine result. We also wish them the best of luck in all their matches in the current season.


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