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Royal Wedding Iconic Flag Photo Recreated

Brian Balmer
An iconic photo taken during the celebrations after the wedding of the Price and Princess of Wales 30 years ago has been recreated with the same man who unwittingly became the subject of that memorable photo.

The photo will be recreated to mark the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton next year.

Brian Balmer, a 19-year-old student at the time of the photo, had painted a Union Jack flag on his face and joined around 600,000 well-wishers who had set up camp outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The photo that was taken of Mr Balmer during the celebrations wearing the painted flag ended up being printed in newspapers across the world, and appeared on the front page of a British broadsheet with the headline “The Face of Britain”.

Mr Balmer, now a 48-year-old college lecturer from Gin Pit Village in Manchester has repainted his face with red, white and blue make-up and relieved the party-like atmosphere that surrounded the royal wedding day in July 1981.

I had a Union flag draped over my shoulders and a large Dracula-style cape to keep me warm on London’s pavements for the next couple of nights. The lure of such a huge event as a royal wedding and a three-day party on the streets was too much to resist.

Brian added said that the “real party mood” of the special day was something he’ll never forget, and that he definitely expected the same joy when Prince William marries in April next year.

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