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Royal Yacht Squadron Burgees

Flagmakers recently created some beautiful burgees for the Royal Yacht Squadron. These bespoke burgees where hand sewn to give the beautiful finish which is a requirement of the squadron’s impressive ships.

The burgee uses the St George flag as a basis before adding the Squadron’s badge. The burgee was entirely hand sewn, from the white field to the St George’s flag and finally the indicate emblem.

Unusually these burgees were designed to read correctly both ways, most flags read incorrect on one side it’s just our eyes are so intelligent we switch the text to what we are expecting to read. The thickness of this piece made it possible to create a flag which read correct on both sides as per customer request.

The traditional burgees were manufactured from a woven polyester a fabric known for its versatility across multiple applications. The material in 100% polyester and machine washable – a particularly useful quality for flags which are flown constantly.

Flagmakers were pleased to have been invited to create these striking pieces and were very pleased with the overall finish. The bold black embroidery we felt was particularly successful. We send our best wishes to the Royal Yacht Squadron and we are sure these new burgees will be flying for quite some time with their beautiful finish and excellent quality.

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