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South Derbyshire dog mess problem to be highlighted by bright flags

It is hoped the new scheme will encourage dog owners to be more responsible

The problem of dog mess in the district parks of South Derbyshire will be combatted by the local Council using the installation of conspicuous bright green flags.

The plan is to make the bright green flags alert ignorant owners who do not pick up after their dogs to the extent of the problem.

Starting in Newhall Park next week, the programme will see increased patrolling of council offers in the hope of catching red-handed owners who fail to clear up. Penalties of not picking up include spot fines of up to £1,000.

John Bladen, local Councillor, said:

“The minority of irresponsible dog-owners who don’t clean up after their pets mess things up for all those that want to walk, play and exercise in South Derbyshire. When the amount of dog muck is highlighted by a small flag, it becomes very obvious how much there is and how badly it interferes with the community making the most of the wonderful green spaces in the area.”

Mobile exhibition trailers will be operated by council workers to get in touch with park users about the problem, how they can report irresponsible pet owners and what measures will be taken.

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