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Swimming Trunks Flag Depiction Condemned in Singapore

Singapore Swimming Team

The skimpy trunks worn by the male team’s water polo team at the Asian Games which depict the Singaporean flag has been rebuked by the nation’s government.

The swimming shorts, featuring the flag’s colours red and white – which has been condemned by the Singapore’s Straits Times readers as “disgusting”, “disgraceful” and “nauseating” – has been said to violate the appropriate usage rules of the flag, according to the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA).

One MICA official said that the swimming trunks – which illustrate the flag’s white crescent and stars on their limited area – did not gain the approval of the ministry, and would not have if they had been shown them beforehand. He said:

We would have told them that their design is inappropriate, as we want elements of the flag to be treated with dignity.

The swimming team is unable to do anything about the current situation, short of dropping out of the competition. The public representative of the team, Jose Raymond, said they were sorry for causing office, but explained:

The competition rules state that the trunks must be presented at that start of competition and they must be used throughout the tournament. The team can’t use other trunks.

Singapore will play a Kuwait team competing under the banner of the International Olympic Committee in a battle for fifth place on Thursday at Guangzhou’s Tianhe Natatorium.

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