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Tasmanian Renovations Unearth Flags Of Yesteryear

Westbury and Districts Historical Society flagMembers of Westbury and Districts Historical Society were astounded when several original banners in their original tin box were unearthed during renovations at the town hall in Westbury, Tasmania.

The banners were made by George Tutill Ltd in 1896, and had the original paperwork including the invoice and insurance document with the banners in the tin, which have been copied as proof of authenticity.

In a letter to Flagmakers, Virginia Greenhill of Westbury and Districts Historical Society wrote:

It is in amazing condition seeing it was made in 1886. It was unearthed from under the floorboards of our Town Hall in its original tin lined box four years ago and we have only had it unrolled once since then to see what sort of treasure it was and then to store it in as archivally correct manner as we could. It [the banner] had definitely been used by the Oddfellows as we have newspaper descriptions of it having been used in parades and as a stage decoration for a ball.

The original insurance document dated 25th February, 1893, underwrites the value of the consignment being sent to Loyal Westbury Lodge as £25.00, while a copy of the original invoice shows a total due for the banner and fittings of £29-0-11.

The Westbury Historical Society contacted Flagmakers and was delighted to find out that the manufacturer of the original banner was still in business and that business was flourishing.

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