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The Scarlet Pimpernel

Flagmakers were recently commissioned to make a 2.5 yard custom flag. The design contains the scarlet pimpernel flower, and we can only guess the meaning behind this design which could be simply the customer’s love and passion for the botanical art. Or the meaning could be much deeper as this flower’s name is a well-known title of a novel written by Baroness Orczy. The novel is about an Englishman who rescues aristocrats from the violent government in revolutionary France, and this mysterious gentleman’s identity signature is a scarlet pimpernel flower. Maybe our customer somehow relates himself with the idea of a hero with a secret identity?

Nevertheless, one thing we know of certain that this flag design is just astonishingly beautiful. This is mainly due to our artisan Svilena who hand painted the flag, and it took her 5 days, a total of 40 hours to design and make this beautiful flag. Our private client was delighted with the finished product and told that he would use Flagmakers again.

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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